Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Living In Borrowed Time

His broken face and half slit fangs
golden ridges that lost its grace
worn out strap that smelled like feet
and a weak but hourly tweet

and now as we lay on my bed
quivering for my last breath
his steely heart might have wept
he too stopped half past i was dead

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Humanoid Dreams

i dream of the golden days
that we strode past in ways
the bustling roads,blaring alleys
flowers and moths of the valleys

i dream of getting whacked
by the bully from the school
to cry, to complain
and make my friends say i'm uncool

i dream of the drunkard
who slandered me with words
looking away with watery eyes
wanting to feed him to swords

i dream to stop at a gas station
talk to the man at the counter
tell'im about my destination
and just wish he pissed me off.

now when i drive at sonic speeds
watchin eyes of steel that stare
wishin for a drop of tear on cheeks
and my android mate wasn't there.

Desperate Human

Monday, January 8, 2007

Pu goes to kindergarten

When i was 2 yrs old, my parents were thinking about sending me to the kindergarten (u must be surprised by the thought that y they were sending me to KG at such a tender age... well ... clear all confusion my friend.. it was ofcourse because of the age defying intelligence shown by me).

Now my parents decided to send me to the best KG in town (lets call it Koyola), so.. this koyola had a unique selection procedure and interview system for admissions to the KG. My parents quite over anticipated their boy's ingenuity and didnt care much

So on the D day, 2 yr old pu went for the so called first interview of his life. Pu does not remember his competitors there , but as from what his mother has told him they were hunks of 4 yrs and above.

Pu had to wait for long before his name was called, and when it was called Pu was in a bitter altercation with his mother on some chocolate issue.
Pu was suddenly dragged in and made to sit before a nun, she smiled very artificiallyat pu's mother and told her "We dont admit infants"
But pu'smother was so adamant that the nun agreed to measure pu's verbal knowledge, so she reached behind her desk and pulled out models of a car and a bus and asked pu to name them, to her surprise smart pu named them correctly.
But then she reached out to the desk and pulled out that dirty yellow thingy (it was a lion as told later to Pu), it had this deformated plastic face (mebbe some upper primary bully tested his power on the same), Pu was confused and said that it was a donkey. Pu got disqualified... his dreams were shattered due to an ugly, deformated lion... pu has hated lions from that day

PS: Pu spelt LADIES FINGER wrong too.

Pu starts toddling

OK.. so now as i have stepped into the shoes of a blogger here and although i have thought hard for some time.. iam not seein or feelin anything around me to blog about. I was thinking about boring the reader with some retrospective.I was born to 2 middle class government officials working in the capital city of Kerala.
The discrepancy in the family had started long before my birth, as daddy and mummy (i have never called them these words although like any other Indian looking forward to a prospective westernization, they too longed for these words from my mouth) were Central and state government employees respectively.

At the time I was born (precisely 4'o' clock on a cold morning towards the last dayz of may) it was said that my Head was OVAL shaped... the Doctor was perplexed and confused on wat cud have changed the shape of my head, Dad saw me for the first time and thought that my head was my butt and vice versa, mom was unconscious all this time.
Dad was scared that his first child was a prospective moron (later someone told me that moron is the name of a greek warrior somewaht similar to aragorn,memnon etc ). But thanks to the quick thinking of the doctor. Now, its a fact that babies r really soft , like a piece of shi.. no sorry .. that wont suit.. say CLAY. So this clay can be mounted to different shapes before it becomes hard. So taking into consideration the fact that i was a cute, soft, cuddly sexy... (sorry for the exxageration) baby and that the doctor had very strong hands, he caught me by my head and pressed the oval (my head) in an attempt to make it flat at top. My dad closed his eyes in fear fearing he would get an ET in return, but as he opened his eyes, doctor presented him with a very cute child with a beautiful round head ( by the way .. my head still retains that beautiful shape). Now as my parents were contented and happy with the fact that they have got a very cute baby, returned home. But all parents r too optimistic abt their child, even the cons and goons today were cute babies once :)